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Afar Radicals Excluded in New Government Line-Up

UN Integrated Regional Information Network, 5 July 2001

President Ismael Omar Guelleh has set up the second government of his six-year tenure by appointing a 20-member cabinet, which includes five new arrivals. Despite much speculation, however, the new arrivals do not include members from the former radical wing of the Afar-led Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy (FRUD) which recently signed a long-waited peace agreement with Guelleh, local sources told IRIN. The agreement was seen to mark the end of a decade of political unrest and insurgency in the Afar-inhabited northern and southwestern regions of Djibouti. But while no radical FRUD members made it into the new government, four of the five members are ethnic Afars. They include a member of the moderate wing of FRUD, Ismael Ibrahim Houme, who becomes minister of justice. [For further details, see IRIN separate DJIBOUTI: Afar radicals excluded in new line-up]