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Subject: Eritrea Profile #45

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Subject: Eritrea Profile ...#45

Achieving global human security: Eritrea’s view

Etritrean Profile, Vol. 1, no. 45, 21 January 1995

International cooperation is indispensable in an interdependent world...But this will only be true if international cooperation is perceived as and upgraded to evolve into true partnership. Our independence of decision should not be encroached by conditionalities of aid.

This was the message brought by keynote speaker President Isaias Afewerki to the biennial International Development Conference (IDC) convened in Washington, DC, from January 16-18. The president joined participants from international organizations and public policy makers to discuss the issue, ’Achieving Global Human Security’ The following is the full text of the president’s speech.

The issues that the IDC will grapple within the next two days under the central theme of Achieving Global Human Security are of great important particularly to Third World societies like ours which need to constantly refine appropriate development paths so as to extricate themselves from the scourges of poverty underdevelopment and resultant civil strife. As such, I trust that the conference will discuss these intricate issues with the requisite frankness and depth and help articulate novel approaches that our societies can embark on at the beginning of the 21st century. I would like to address these themes in my remarks: the domestic challenges to bring about peace and security at home; the challenges for bringing about peace and security in the region; the way to development; international cooperation and marginalization of Africa.