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Lung and Dental Disease Rampant in Ethiopia’s Tigray

Science & Health Bulletin, [1 November 1995]

AXUM, Ethiopia (PANA) - Over 4100 tubeculosis patients in central Tigray, northern Ethiopia cannot afford medical treatment, health authorities in this historical town have said.

A medical expert who was speaking recently said there has been an upsurge of lung and dental diseases in the area because of low awareness of hygiene and nutrition.

The expert said that the German development organisation, GTZ has not kept its promise to provide treatment to 1200 TB patients.

The health situation in Tigray could inmprove under a government scheme to procure basic medicines and equipment to far off regions, which begun five days ago, the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported.

The agency quoted Haile Silassie Bihon, Head of the pharmaceutical department, as saying the medicines and equipment had been purchased with a 25 million birr donation (1$=6.8 birr) from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

He said the medicines and equipment would be sent to 900 clinics, 110 health stations and 25 rural hospitals under the Rapid Rehabilitation and Development Project.

The project was launched by the government to alleviate the shortage of medicines and medical equipment.It seeks to meet the medicinal needs of the people at reasonable prices.

Last month, the government procured equipment worth 10.3 million U.S dollars which was distributed to 40 rural hospitals, 94 health stations and 700 clinics located in remote regions.

Since the repid rehabilitation project begun in 1984, equipment worth from abroad [...].