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More Killed in Inter-Clan Fighting

UN Integrated Regional Information Network, 10 July 2001

Over a dozen people were killed in inter-clan fighting in the Middle Shabelle Region, south-central Somalia, sources in the regional capital, Jowhar, told IRIN. The fighting, which was concentrated in the villages of Muhammad Sa’id and Nur Dugle, was between the two Abgal sub-clans of Kabale and Abdulle Galmah, which broke out on 8 July, ended on Monday after elders from Mogadishu intervened, a Jowhar businessman, Ali Awale, told IRIN.

This is the second time since May that the two sub-clans have fought in the area. In May, more than 20 people died when the two groups fought over water wells and grazing land. Abgal clan elders involved in the mediation efforts had deployed militia from other sub-clans armed with battle-wagons to separate the two sides, said Awale.