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Introduction to SUDAI (Sudan Development Intiative Abroad)

From Abubakr Sidahmed, Centre d’information Arabe Scandinave, 16 October 1996

Challenged by the harsh realities of a changing world, SUDIA reconfirms its commitment to pratical action through intensive networking and collaboration activities.

Founded in Cairo in 1995, The Sudanese Development Initiative Abroad is a private, non-profit organization working at the delivery end of the development spectrum, at the grassroots level where training, technology and local institutions interact to shape the lives of people. The Initiative seeks to strengthen the community’s capacity to foster self-determined and self-sustaining change in the Sudan, Egypt and the region through information, networking and development support programs targeting Sudanese individuals, groups and organizations worldwide.

Services provided in the fields of Program and Project Development; Marketing of Income Generating Activity products; Translation; Development Communications and Technology; Networking and Institution Building; and Information Development and Dissemination.

SUDIA welcomes opportunities to extend its scope of coverage through cooperation with other agencies and groups.

SUDIA is unique....

Multi-ethnic—Staff members of SUDIA come from different regions of the Sudan, bringing with them a rich and diversified cultural dimension and perspective towards work with the Sudanese communities.

Broad-Based—SUDIA works with an assortment of diverse community organizations and groups in all fields of development practice.

Participatory—In its own internal work, and in work with others, SUDIA programs encourage involvement with the Sudanese community. Planning, implementation, revision, evaluation, and follow-up all require participation of diverse groups: staff, clients, partners

Collegial and Non-Heirarchial—SUDIA staff are committed to enhancing the effectiveness of development programs at home and internationally, whether a technical specialist or support staff, each has his/her own unique identity and role to play in the process. Each respects the variety of experience and the individual talents of others.

SUDIA Activities:

To date SUDIA has been involved in a number of activities. Below is a list of past and on-going project which SUDIA is involved in.


SUDIA, a model for empowerment, dedication and a committment to effect positive change.

The growth and institutionalization of SUDIA staff is a test case for SUDIA programs and institution building efforts with other agencies and groups. Organizational development theories are put to work at home as well as in programs of support for other Sudanese agencies and groups

To improve the effectiveness of Sudanese organizations and groups in enhancing the quality of life of Sudanese, SUDIA pursues three major objectives:


SUDIA seeks to strengthen the Sudanese community’s capacity to foster self-determined, self-sustaining change.

Whether through training courses, formal technical assistance and consulting, or through informal assistance and interactions, SUDIA helps organizations to enhance the capabilities of staff and Board members, as well as to enhance their ability to deliver more appropriate and effective services through a greater community involvement.

Partnerships are formed with other agencies to perform services. Joint-ventures and informal relationships are the norm rather than the exception. This interaction enables agencies to benefit from each other’s experience and enables SUDIA to diversify and extend its support services to a wider variety of fields and to a larger number of clients than it would be able to do alone.

SUDIA is a catalyst for networking among agencies and groups. Through workshops, conferences and seminars, staff of agencies mix, exchange ideas and get to know each other’s programs and activities


SUDIA provides backup information, support and materials for use by its own staff, spanning a full range of program activities. In addition it assures access to relevant information educational resources and training materials by others.

Training programs, the Cyber Library, book publications and other resources development activities serve to disseminate up-to-date information relevant to the Sudan and the Sudanese community.