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Sudanese workers threaten to hold a general strike

ArabicNews, 11 December 1998

Sudanese dailies issued on Wednesday said the general federation for workers in Sudan has threatened to hold a general strike if the government refuses to increase salaries.

The federation’s chairman, Taj al-Serr Abdoun, said, The government is demanded to approve an increase in both the private and public sectors.

The government approved an increase of 27% in the budget which is currently being discussed at the parliament but the estates’ governors refuse to implement this increase under the pretext that they do not have enough funds at their own disposal.

Abdoun warned that the workers will decide to hold a general strike in all the provinces if their governors refuse to implement the increase.

Meanwhile, some 80 schools were closed down in Darfour province because of the lack of necessary funds, and teachers have not received their salaries since nine months.