The history of the Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA)

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Union leader murdered in Ethiopia
From ICFTU Online, 13 May 1997. A leader of the Ethiopian Teachers’ Association (ETA) murdered by police.
Trial date fixed for ’framed’ trade unionist
ICFTU Online. . ., 15 October 1997. The trial of Taye Woldesmiate, the President of the 120,000 strong Ethiopian Teachers’ Association, has been set. He has been charged with having links with an underground organisation, the Ethiopian Patriotic Front. Since he took power in 1991, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zanawi has adopted a confrontational course with the opposition and with the democratic trade unions.
Health concern
Amnesty International Urgent Action Bulletin, 7 October 1998. Shimelis Zewde was arrested in Addis Ababa on 19 September 1998 with two members of the executive committee of the Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA). They were arrested when they refused to hand over to police the keys to the ETA office. Abate Angore has previously been detained as a result of his ETA work.