The history of the MIDROC strike

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Workers' Strike Stops Work On OAU Conference Centre
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 27 February 2001. A strike, in its second day, has paralysed the work of the MIDROC construction company which is building the OAU conference centre in Addis Ababa. The workers went on strike over benefits and the right to form a union.
Midroc Workers Resume Strike—Say Company Set New Precondition
By Dawit Ketema, The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa), 25 March 2001. Strikers allege that MIDROC had promised union leaders that it would resolve the problems. Convinced, the workers had been back on their duties. MIDROC claimed that the employees who were on strike must sign new job contracts.
Midroc Construction Workers Say Will End Strike
The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa), 3 April 2001. Some 2,000 MIDROC Construction Company workers who have been on strike for the last 38 days agreed to resume work beginning from tomorrow. The protracted dispute for the last four years was over salary, illegal termination of workers’ contracts and firing of union leaders.