The history of children and youth in Ethiopia

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Ministry Reports Child Molestation At NGO
The Reporter (Addis Ababa), 15 March 2000. The injury, assault and violation of rights to which the children at African Cradle are subjected (brief).
Ethiopian NGO Fights Child Prostitution
By Ghion Hagos, Panafrican News Agency, 6 April 2000. Children are not only sexually abused, but there is also a profit arising from the transaction where the child is considered a sexual and commercial object. Sexual exploitation is rooted in extreme poverty. Market forces affect the supply and demand, and there are factors that aggravate the supply.
Outreach A Lifeline For Ethiopia's Street Kids
Child Labour News Service, 2 May 2000. No one knows how many thousands of street children roam Ethiopia’s capital city. Their numbers are vast and their situations varied. On every street corner there are boys and girls hustling for some income. Forum on Street Children Ethiopia (FSCE) a growing NGO based in Addis Ababa has found that operating within the flawed system is the only conceivable way to have an influence.
Exploitation of Child Labour Needs Due Attention
Opinion by Alem W. Gebriel, The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa) 20 February 2001. In addition to sexual exploitation, female children in Addis Ababa are also involved in difficult and strenuous day time work. The slums may protect them from the cold out in the streets, but it is also the one place which covers up most of the crime committed against them.