The history of education in Ethiopia

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Ongoing Discourse About Higher Education in Ethiopia
Opinion by Tesfa H., Addis Tribune (Addis Ababa), 6 October 2000. The issues and concerns raised by the writers so far are not confined to staff material benefits only. The staff of higher education institutions is demanding both for right incentive mechanisms and favorable working conditions.
Unity College To Train 10,000 Girls
Addis Tribune (Addis Ababa), 2 March 2001. The first private college established by an Ethiopian investor, Unity College, is raising funds for 10,000 girls from low-income families to take degree-program courses. The number of girls at the Unity College increases because the College gives women the chance to attend institutions of higher learning.
Academics Charged With Inciting Student Riots
UN Integrated Regional Information Network, 30 May 2001. Two prominent human rights activists have been charged with attempting to change the constitutional order of Ethiopia by force. The two academics have been detained since 8 May in connection with April’s student unrest in Addis Ababa (brief).