The IT, media, and telecommunications of the
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

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Ethiopian, Tri-Weekly, All Female Run Newspaper Goes Daily
Panafrican News Agency, 5 September 2000. Ethiopia’s tri-weekly Monitor newspaper, with an all-female crew at the controls, Tuesday started operating as a daily. Fitsum-za’ab Asghedom, an enterprising printer and publisher, launched The Monitor in the early 1990s after Ethiopia’s press law abolished censorship and allowed private newspapers to operate.
CPJ Welcomes Editor's Release On Bail
Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), press release, 1 March 2001. Befekadu Moreda, editor of the private Amharic-language weekly Tomar, was released on bail February 27, after spending two weeks in jail for refusing to reveal sources for a story on a secessionist movement.
Journalists Protests Closure of Newspaper
Ethiopian Free Press Journalists' Association (EFJA), press release, 4 April 2001. Eletawii Addis’, Ethiopia’s first Amharic language private daily newspaper quit publication because the paper recently published the crackdown within the Tigrian People Liberation Front (TPLF), despite orders to refrain from publishing the crackdown within the TPLF, the main coalition of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Front.