The history of children and youth in the Sudan

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‘Time Running Out in Darfur’—SCF
UN Integrated Regional Information Network (Nairobi), 19 May 2001. Save the Children (UK) has this week warned that time is running out to prevent a major disaster in west Sudan. In the worst-affected areas, the nutritional status of children had hit alarming levels. Drought. Diseases. Market forces.
Government, SPLA Cited in Child Soldiers Report
UN Integrated Regional Information Network, 15 June 2001. There has been extensive use of child soldiers, including some as young as 10 years of age, by both government and opposition armed forces in the Sudanese civil war. The government supports the Ugandan LRA, which uses child soldiers extensively, and paramilitary groups aligned with the government have long used forced recruitment, including children. Armed opposition groups, including the SPLA, uses child solders, although it promoses to coopearte with UNICEF.
More child soldiers demobilized in Gahr al-Ghazal
Child Labour News Service, press release, 1 February 2002. The removal of thousands of children from the SPLA military wing of the regel SPLM by UNICEF was a significant inroad into the number of children used as soldiers (brief).