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Subject: BWN NO.10, VOL.1
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@BARUTIWA WEEKLY NEWS (No.10,Vol.1) August 16 to August 23,1997
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PanAfrican News Agency
Cotonou, Benin (PANA)

Benin government gives grants to private newspapers

Barutiwa Weekly News, Vol. I, no. 10. 16 August, 1997.

The government of Benin has given a total of 300 million F CFA in grants to the private media in the country (500,000 U.S. dollars). Officials said in Cotonou, the business capital, that such grants were recommended by the February 1990 National Political Conference, which led to the restoration of multi-party democracy in Benin. The officials said that 33 percent of this amount, or 100 million francs CFA (166,666 dollars) will be devoted to training while 65.34 percent or 196 million F CFA (326,666 dollars) will be direct assistance to the media. The rest of the money will be given as subvention to Higher Audio visual and Communication Authority.

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