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Subject: Re: Benin on Vodou: Desmangles talks of pope's visit
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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 18:31:13 -0500
From: Leslie Desmangles <>

Benin on Vodou; The Pope's visit

By Leslie Desmangles <>.
17 February, 1996

The pope visited Benin in 1994. He did not refer to Vodou, but alluded to it indirectly in one of his specches. Given the fact that I read that speech quite sometime ago and don't have it available here with me, I cannot quote it with precision, but he said to the Beninese that Roman Catholicism did not contradict their native religions, and that it was possible for them to be Catholics and hold on to their native beliefs. His speech made no mention of Vodou.

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