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Subject: Niger Unionists Convicted For Striking

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Subject: Niger Unionists Convicted For Striking

Niger Unionists Convicted For Striking

From ICFTU OnLine. 16 March, 1997

Brussels, April 16 1997 (ICFTU OnLine): Four trade unionists in Niger were sentenced on Monday (April 14), two to two years' imprisonment and two for two months, for "sabotage" confirmed the National Workers' Union of Niger, the USTN today. Another 19 trade unionists are still in prison, it said.

The four men, members of the national energy union (Synatren) were among the 23 agents from the Niger electricity company (Nigelec) arrested in mid-March and prosecuted for "sabotage" or "complicity in sabotage" of the country's electricity network.

Their arrest followed a series of general strikes launched by the USTN to demand the payment of wage arrears and the suspension of the privatisation programme now being carried out in the country. Nineteen of the defendants were acquitted, including Mr. Maman Masour Dado, assistant general secretary of the USTN, but according to the organisation they are still being held in a prison in the capital, Niamey, owing to an appeal by the public prosecutor's department.

The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) intervened today to demand the release of all the trade unionists still in prison.

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