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Senegalese Theater US Tour, 1998-99

From Janet L. Ghattas. 8 August, 1997

The Association for the Promotion of Senegalese Women (APROFES and the Bamtaare Cultural Theater Company, both of Kaolack, Republic of Senegal, West Africa, announce their 1998-99 Season of dance theater. The Bamtaare Theatrical Company, composed of more than 20 actors, dancers, drummers and artists ranging in age from 17 to 35 years, uses theater, music, song, dance and poetry as an instrument of information, education and communication concerning development issues and the culture and social needs of rural villagers in Senegal and the rest of Africa.

APROFES and Bamtaare are volunteer organizations devoted to the improvement of the lives of Senegalese people. Their focus is on improving the economic and social status of women in Senegal and on preventing the disintegration of the family. Currently, the family in Senegal is under much pressure, owing especially to a recent devaluation, which has brought hardship to millions of Senegalese families. By bringing theater and dance to villagers and staging performances which promote the rights of women, APROFES and the Bamtaare groups are creating opportunities for Senegalese women to strengthen family life and improve their economic circumstances.

Bamtaare was created in 1992 and was awarded prizes in 1994 and 1996 at the International Festival of the Theater for Development in Burkina Faso and participated in the 1997 Festival of African Scenes in Canada. Bamtaare will perform in Belgium, France and Holland in the fall of 1997.

The goal of this European tour is to sensitize Europeans about the causes and consequences of economic, social and cultural crises in Africa and to inform people about the work undertaken by African women to return the world to one of peace and social justice. It is this same kind of theatrical performance that Bamtaare would like to bring to Americans during its proposed 1998/1999 tour of the U.S.

Moussa Diaw, Cultural Coordinator of the company, would like to present the troupe's performances in America for two reasons: 1 to inform Americans about the socio-cultural realities of Africa and in particular, of Senegal. 2 to motivate the Bamtaare artists in the voluntary work that they do for the good of the people and especially those in their community.

If you would like to consider having the Bambarre Cultural Theatrical Company visit and perform at your college, university or organization, please contact me or write to Moussa Diaw directly. I will be happy to answer questions or obtain further information for you about the proposed tour and about the work of these organizations. I have had the pleasure of attending the dance theater performances and have found them exciting and beautiful.

Moussa Diaw, Le Coordonnateur Culturel APROFES B.P. 12
Kaolack, Senegal West Africa
Tel: 221 41.44.11
Fax: 221 41.31.95

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