The working-class history of
the Republic of Liberia

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Six Firestone strikers wounded by bullets in Liberia
ICFTU OnLine..., 12 September 1997. The government enlists help of the West African peace keeping force, ECOMOG, to attack striking workers on the Harbel rubber plantation. The plantation's 7,000 employees were demanding better social protection, improvements to their accommodation and working conditions, and the redeployment of some 8,000 former employees of the company.
Former Communications Network Employees Win Labor Case
The News (Monrovia), 4 September 2000. The Ministry of Labor has finally handed down a ruling of unfair labor practice in the case involving the management of the Liberia Communications Network (LCN) and some employees who were declared redundant in 1998.
All Is Not Lost
The Perspective (Smyrna, Georgia), Editorial, 28 November 2000. The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has concluded its regular elections. The process was marred by the Government's crusade to confiscate the Union through infusion of money to elect its propagandists in key positions.