The history of women and gender
in the Republic of Liberia

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Liberia's Women Pick Up the Pieces After War
By Attes Johnson, 31 July 1997. With the help of counselling programs, the women are beginning to unlock the horrors that thousands of them endured during the civil war.
The Nation Is Dying!
By H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr., The Perspective, 4 January 2000. The women of Lofa, mainly the Belle, have struck a blow on the anvil of our sedated consciences by courageously demonstrating against the barbarism which the political tramp has imposed on the people of Liberia.
Commending the Women's Move
The News (Monrovia), Editorial, 25 September 2000. Women, under the aegis of the Mano River Union Women Peace Network demonstrated Monrovia and presented a position statement to President Charles Taylor in which they expressed concerns over the deteriorating security situation in the subregion and called on the leaders of the three countries to exercise patience and restraint.
Female Lawyers Get Patent to Prosecute Rape Cases
By Peter Kahler, Panafrican News Agency, 16 November 2000. Female lawyers in Liberia have added another accolade to an emerging string of achievements when the state granted them a patent to prosecute alleged rape cases alongside state prosecutors.