The history of IT, media and telecommunications
of the Republic of Liberia

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Concern Mounts Over Fate of Missing Liberian Broadcaster
By Tepitapia Sannah, PANA Correspondent, 24 December 1997. Alex Redd was abducted by unknown men in rural Liberia. The radio, privately-owned, said it was consulting the government, Press Union of Liberia and local human rights groups about Redd's abduction, which took place after he attended the funeral of slain opposition politician Samuel Dokie.
Crackdown on media signals further repression of human rights defenders
News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International News Service, 16 March 2000. The closing down by the government of independent broadcasters Star Radio station and Catholic-sponsored Radio Veritas -- both playing a key role in reporting human rights violations in Liberia. The Government of Liberia accused agents provocateurs of using radio stations to create security problems.
Telecommunications Failure Isolates Liberia
Panafrican News Agency, 1 November 2000. Since 26 October, telephone, fax and telex services of the Liberia Telecommunication Corporation went mute, leaving internal and external communications to two private phone and Internet companies. The company's equipment near obsolete. The corporation is in a state of financial haemorrhage due to a combination of factors.