Resources for Studying the history of
the Republic of Liberia

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Sources on the History of Liberia
From a dialog on the H-Africa List, November 1995. The dialog starts on a question concerning the WWII era, but the thread begins to broaden out.
Magellan Map of Liberia
A political map of 1997.
Memoirs of a Liberian Ambassador, George Arthur Padmore: Book Review
By J. Kpanneh Doe, The Perspective, 11 April 2000. The book seeks to address the glaring absence of memoirs and autobiographical studies, which emphasize an individual's account or personal experience of events. This book offers a rare and insightful glimpse into the journey of Padmore's rise to become Liberia's Ambassador, his connections with various Liberian presidents.
Writing for Change And History
By Abdoulaye W. Dukule, The Perspective Opinion, 22 August 2001. Liberia would be better served if this period of our sad and sordid history is well-documented and written about so that those who will assume the mantle of leadership and the generations to come will learn the important lessons of this period. This is why some of us write and make no apology for what we write and say.