Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 11:41:55 -0200
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Subject: ANC Satements 14 November

Nigerian Democracy support group statement on the situation in Nigeria

By ANC Nigerian Democracy Support Group.
14 November, 1995

Leaders of the ANC, SACP, COSATU, NOCSA, SAFA, NSL, NADEL, Lawyers for Human Rights, Business South Africa and the South African Prisoners Organisation for Human Rights today 14 November met in Johannesburg to discuss the serious situation in, and to develop a programme of action to ensure a speedy movement towards the restoration of democracy in Nigeria.

The meeting was attended by ANC Deputy Secretary-General Cheryl Carolus, Cosatu General Secretary Sam Shilowa, SACP General Secretary Charles Nqakula, SACP Deputy General Secretary Jeremy Cronin, Carl Niehaus (ANC), Bangumzi Sifingo (COSATU), Sticks Morewa (SAFA), Dan Moyo (NOCSA), Irvin Khoza (NSL), Dr Matseke (SAFA), Bokkie Botha (Business South Africa), Corinna Gordon (Business SA), Yusuf Saloojee (ANC DIA), Nomazizi Mtshotshisa (NADEL), Corlett Letlojane (LHR), Laura Pollecut (LHR) and Golden Miles Bhudu (SAPHOR).

The meeting noted the recent disturbing developments and trends in Nigeria led by the military government of General Abacha which constitute an assault on the freedom, peace and justice of the people of Nigeria.

In this context, several leading figures within that country have been detained without a just cause. Even more recently, the Nigerian Government has defied the will of the international community in executing nine activists including Ken Saro-Wiwa.

The member organisations represented here today, therefore decided to constitute ourselves as the South African-Nigerian Democracy Support Group.

As members of the SA-Nigerian Democracy Support Committee we cannot stand idly by as the military government of General Abacha systematically undermine and erode the fundamental and basic freedoms of the people of Nigeria. Our own past experience in our country reminds us that an extra day under a dictatorship is a day too long.

The SA-Nigerian Democracy Support Group joins calls by our President Nelson Mandela and the broad international family of nations in expressing our unequivocal condemnation of General Abacha and his military government and commit ourselves to ensure within the means at our disposal the speedy movement towards the restoration of democracy in Nigeria.

Our condemnation must be directed at the Abacha regime while giving our full support to bring to a speedy end to the oppression and suffering of the Nigerian people.

In this regard, the SA-Nigerian Democracy Support Group calls on all South Africans to join us in calling:

In this context, the SA-Nigerian Democracy Support Group is organising the following events to ensure that as many South Africans as possible will be granted an opportunity to express their outrage and to associate themselves with these objectives:

Issued by the SA-Nigerian Democracy Support Group
14 November 1995