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Maritime Expert Faults Privatization

Vanguard Daily (Lagos), 22 February 2001

Lagos—The entire framework on which the privatisation of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) is based has been described as fraudulent and evil.

Mr. Segun Shango Adeyemi, a maritime lawyer said this last on the issue of privatisation of the Authority.

According to Adeyemi privatisation is an economic and social evil, it is counter productive, it is anti-people and anti-progress.

He noted that the same people that ran these agencies that now want to buy up the entire country in the name of privatisation.

He was of the opinion that people who mismanaged government agencies should be prosecuted and made to pay for whatever economic crimes they may have committed.

Government should make a scapegoat of anybody found wanting and return the same public enterprise to back to civil servants with a stern warning, this way they (civil servants) will succeed, he stated.

He explained that with the way government is going about the issue of privatization, what will happen at the end will be an organised sabotage which will lead to loss of jobs.

The maritime expert how ever advised that in the process of privatisation, the government should also make sure that the Nation's interest is well guaranteed.

His words In the process of privatisation, the government should not sell the country, the country, National interest should be guarded.

He also suggest that If government must privatise, they should let the facilities and structure be, but privatise the services rendered by the authority.

Government should also constitute a privatisation regulatory body consisting of both public and private sector, which according to Adeyemi world advise government what and how these agencies should be privatised.

The Chairman of the Board of the Nigerian Port Authority Commodore Olabode George (Rtd) has however assaulted that only the services of the authority will be privatised.