The retrospective history of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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The pre-modern history of Nigeria

Katsina And the Symbols of Power
By Kazeem Adeleke, This Day (Lagos), 18 February 2001. A symbol of power held by Kumaya, the founding Emir of Katsina in 13th century. The Gojere inscribed sword; the Bebe, the deaf drum. Pre-Islamic wars.

Chronologies and timelines

Timeline: Nigeria
BBC, 10 January 2001. BBC timeline defines key events by hear, from 1861 to 1999.
Chronology Of The Struggle For Stability And Democracy (Washington DC), 24 August 2000. Explanatory paragraphs are associated with the key dates, from independence on 1 October 1960 to the election of Obasanjo in 29 May 1999. Focus is on the tension between military rule and political democracy.
Landmarks in Nigerian History
Panafrican News Agency, Lagos, 1 October 2000. Key events briefly defined, from 1960 to 2000. Has a fairly broad scope, including economic and other factors.