Writings about Ken Saro-Wiwe

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From a dialog on the nuafrica list, November 1995. What to make of the charges leveled against Saro-Wiwa? Is it plausible that Saro-Wiwa played some role in the murders of which he and the eight others are accused?
Memorandum to Johannesburg Nigerian Consulate
Press release issued by the African National Congress, 18 November 1995. Disgust and outrage at the assassination of Mr Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni leaders. Call on the world community to investigate and implement effective measures to pressurise the Abacha regime to comply with three demands.
Nigerian Casefile: The Ken Saro-Wiwa-Ogoni Handbook
Compiled by the Coalition Against Dictatorship (CAD), 20 November 1995. Section II of the Handbook. A collection of documents by and about Ken Saro-Wiwe.
Nine Rights Activists Hanged In Nigeria
By Derek Bracey, The Militant, 27 November 1995. The nine members of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) said they had been framed for their opposition to the dictatorship and to the pollution of their region by Shell Oil. The executions sparked worldwide outrage at the regime of Gen. Sani Abacha. Governments reacted by withdrawing their ambassadors and issuing protests.
Amnesty International USA condemns disinformation in international print advertisements on Nigeria
Amnesty International press release, 12 December 1995. The egregious inaccuracies in Mr. Orange's advertisement placed in international print media regarding the Ogoni crisis. Mr. Orage should be public about his sources of funding, as that may give some insight into his credibility. The trial of the Ogoni Nine was not an open or just process. Evidence against the defendants may have been coerced.