The history of the Yoruba O'odua Peoples Congress

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Yoruba Militants Turn To Violence
By Glenn McKenzie, AP, 30 March 1999. Militant youths burned police stations and beat officers to death. Riot police sought revenge. Dr. Frederick Fasehun is the leader of the Odudua Peoples' Congress, a collection of human rights activists, Yoruba tribal leaders and radicals who want a separate Yoruba state in southwestern Nigeria.
OPC Versus Obasanjo
By Louis Odion, This Day, 20 October 2000. A bubbling mega-city often acknowledged as a miniature Nigeria lay prostrate in tension and torment for most of the week. The victims and the aggressors of the ethnic clashes are the people who are victims of the Nigerian saga, the ordinary folks who, otherwise, should be united by their common misery.
We Are Apprehensive
Editorial, Vanguard Daily, 21 October 2000. Igbo-Hausa bloody clash in Lagos has been explained in various ways. Bizarre explanations suggest that someone is feeding our gullible people a diet of life-threatening lies that pitch them against one another.
2003: AD Warns PDP On South West
By Bolade Omonijo & Sina Babasola, Vanguard, (Lagos) 14 August 2001. The Alliance for Democracy (AD), the party controlling the six South-West states, has accused the ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of provoking the Yoruba people. Threat by the PDP to take over the South-West states in 2003.