The working-class history of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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Nigerian Labor Leaders Jailed, Unions Smashed As Military Repression Escalates
From Africa Fund Labor Desk, 30 January 1995. After pro-democracy strike by oil workers in 1994, labor movement has been systematically repressed by dictator Sani Abacha.
Trade unionists in Nigeria; A state of crisis
Amnesty International, 10 May 1995. Re. strikes by Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) vs. Abiola and NADECO.
Labor seeks end to Nigerian brutality
By James B. Parks, AFL-CIO News, 1 December 1995. The US American Federation of Labor brings pressure on US government and businesses.
Nigerian export ban is sought Human rights award goes to jailed unionist
By James B. Parks, AFO-CIO News, 8 March 1996. Honored was Frank Kokori, general secretary of Nigeria's natural gas workers' union.