The contemporary political history of the Abia River State

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Abia Will Not Reduce Workforce - Kalu
This Day (Lagos) 9 April 2002. Governor Orji Kalu of Abia State has announced that his administration would not reduce its workforce. Pressure from the outside to reduce it because of the dwindling allocation from the federation account. I wonder why I should reduce the workforce when we are committed to poverty reduction? Kalu asked.
Abia Guber Race: Matters Arising
By Chimezie Alozie, This Day (Lagos), 19 April 2002. The political drama in Abia state between the so called home group represented by Governor Orji Uzor Kalu and the Abuja group represented mainly by some prominent Abia state indigenes appoin to serve at the Federal level./dd>
Police Smash Bakassi Torture Centres in Abia
By Juliana Taiwo, This Day (Abuja), 8 August 2002. Following complaints of illegal arrest, detention, extortion, kidnapping, extra-judicial killings and forceful seizure of property against the Bakassi Boys [vigilantes] in Abia State, the Nigeria Police has smashed five Bakassi torture centres.