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Date: Fri, 9 May 97 13:53:59 CDT
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Subject: Of exploitation, naked imperialism & death squads
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Of exploitation, naked imperialism & death squads

By Victor Perlo, in People's Weekly World, May 1997

With the revolutionary armies of the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of the Congo (Zaire), led by Laurent Kabila, closing in on the capital city of Kinshasha, the United States has loosed a two-pronged attempt to prevent Kabila's forces from implementing a progressive program to revitalize the country.

On the diplomatic front, Bill Richardson, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, wants Kabila to share power with "democratic" politicians, leading to "free" elections here lavish U.S. funding and "international supervision" can preserve the existing neo-colonial relations.

On the military front, U.S. armed forces are positioned for an assault and the presence of American bombers is particularly dangerous. U.S. bombers were used on at least one occasion during a critical stage in the decades-long battle of the revolutionary forces against Mobutu, and there would be no hesitation to call upon them again if it is considered "necessary."

The mass media has stepped up its propaganda against Kabila, centering their campaign around the "plight"of Rwandan refugees. When Kabila surprised U.N. officials by agreeing to allow use the Kisangani airport to return refugees, he was told that it would take weeks before they could undertake the operation

The U.N., led by Kofi Annan, Clinton's appointee as secretary-general, denounced Kabila's forces for not protecting the Rwandan refugees but has remained silent about the mass killing, looting and the "scorched earth" policies of Mobutu's retreating troops.

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