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Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 08:02:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Justice Mbuh <>
Subject: Dismiss Language Factionalism: Hard-boiled Realism in Africa

Dismiss Language Factionalism: Hard-boiled Realism in Africa

From Justice Mbuh, Black Data Processor-Africa list, 10 March 2001


I have no problem with such utopia-driven reasoning. In fact if Bilingualism in Cameroun were made policy which targeted all Camerounians equally, and had it been the Federation was implemented according to the terms of the United Nations Resolution 1608, the likes of Professor Bernard Fonlon would never have gone to their graves disappointed and disgruntled to the very fabric of their groins.

The problems with the recent Professor Owona ordinances, I would dare to call them, is that coming from someone who failed to reform the University of Yaounde and who, as Secretary General at the Presidency failed to ascribe to democratic value and all the good government reforms they come with, coming from someone who as Minister of Health failed to do a thing—save the prescription of peneciline to promote French Pharmacuetical industry, his recent assualt on primary school education in British Southern Cameroons speaks volumes to our minds.

You keep blaming us for calling onto your past as immigrants to the British Southern Cameroons. You can drum-up all the divisionist stories and excuses you want of the SouthWest not having anything in common with the Northwest and try associating them with Douala to concretize your lame reasoning. We have something in common which your great Grand parents loved and so ran away from French Cameroun to seek refuge withing us—Common Law and Common Sense, Msjo! If there is anything I praise the English for, it is the Common Law and the Common Sense of it all. You can not deny that can you? Now tell us why we should not question what our people have after association with Cameroun for forty years. All we have is grievances and piles of them of how we have been explioted with impunity and how even our own educated people have participated in helping the enemies of our people—The French and Cameroun Republic. Mind you that the cruelties that have characterized the recolonization of British Southern Cameroons are well documented in international circles where Cameroun is now more of a mockery that it was under the very clearly dictatorial politics of Ahmadou Ahidjo. When you question what right we have today to try regaining our freedoms, ask yourself what took your great grand parents out of Cameroun, out of Douala! Ask yourself why is it that Camerounians are presently seeking asylum in all western Countries and even in other African countries.

You alone cannot hide the ills of Cameroun politicians against our masses, regardless of how well they service you!

Yes, you have a right to see us as bent on dividing Cameroun, which we must with or without your support. The trouble I have with all of your postings, as I have said in the past is that you take this high-level of purity and claim to be a builder who see nothing wrong in peoples experiences as a sub-colony of Cameroun. Tell us whether it would not have made more sense and perhaps send some of us chucking had it been Minister Owona, Professor of Constitutional Law who failed to provide Cameroun with a truly unity Constitution, had reasoned a little better this time by making it a national policy. So it is an imperative for primary school children in British Southern Cameroons to graduate with French but not a necessary condition for their counterparts of French Cameroun to graduate with English?

MsJoe, that is why I continue to find fault with your postings and why for once I find it hard to disassociate you with the real colonizers of our people. Indeed you are on record as one of the enemies of the British Southern Cameroonians, whom after benefiting from the peacefulness of the territory that harbored your parents and great-grand parents from the intrigues/French Bombardments and cruel Napoleonic laws, you have the audacity to turn around and preach the stupidity of unity to our people who have been deprived even of the slightest freedoms they ever learnt from the British? Go ahead and tell the world how you want us to bow to Napoleonic Codes as against Common Law etc, and they will laugh at you as they have in the past. I guess you just recovered from the barrage of responses you got from your double-speaks and has started again without any amendments? Trust, as I told you before, that whatever you are looking for, you will get in abundance.

We remain committed to recovering our lost identity no matter how much it will cost. It it the foolishness and the neo-colonial mentality of folks like you who have truly betrayed Cameroun—for failing to stand up to empirical and verifiable facts and truths is nothing but betraying the cause of freedom and the very unity which you preach so reverendly.

When we posted legal documents challenging you to respond to the facticity of your claims of unity with Cameroun, you went mute and now resurface to say the least, take previous positions without thinking. You are truly unbearable. And God help me the day we come face to face. Take that to any authority you want on this earth, Msjoe and try proving me wrong that Cameroun has recolonized our people and see for yourself what a mockery you woill make of your self. Those political bats and weevils you are protecting in Cameroun will be coming to the end of their journey soon and it will be left for us to rethink and be reminded of our previous positions. That is the truth concerning the future and you can continue to say your word for Cameroun&#39;s dictators and voodoo politicians and call us all names you want. The hard reality is that their time has come to an end and you will be part of those who shall face the Justices of Truth. That is the hard harsh truth.

The only difference that is real between us is that I have the power to change things any way I like and you do not. If you like keep silent for a few more months and get the answers for your self. Please stop day-dreaming about bilingualism in Cameroun. Everyone but you know that it is an experiment that went all wrong and it is truly shameful that lacking the facts to back your claims of unity, you jump and grasp any tiny thing that Cameroun voodoo politicians, worst of all OWONA JOSEPH does to claim unity and call us names. TIME WILL TELL!!!

Thanks for understanding.

Justice Muluh Mbuh.