Impotence Affects 25 Percent of Gabonese Males

Panafrican News Agency, 10 November 2000

Libreville, Gabon—Impotence affects at least 25 percent males in Gabon, Dr. Pierre Pieby Oyoubi of the Libreville Medical Centre revealed Friday.

Oyoubi, a specialist in sexual health, told the Gabonese television that alcoholism and tobacco smoking was to blame for the anomaly.

He was interviewed on the occasion of the day of abstinence against alcohol and tobacco, initiated by the president of an association called Agir Pour Le Gabon (act for Gabon), Dr. Alphonce Louma.

Oyoubi noted that the excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco causes the same effect as drugs, adding, however, that the statistics regarding sexual dysfunctioning were an estimate.

He explained that impotence among men sometimes arises from psychological problems.

He said impotence or inadequate erection were to blame for the rising cases of divorce in Gabon. He conceded, however, that it was impossible to ban the consumption of alcohol or smoking.

He recommended that people reduce the daily intake of these substance to avoid sexuality problems.

Agir Pour le Gabon has for the past five years campaigned against alcohol and tobacco abuse in Gabon.