The history of the People's Republic of Congo—Brazzaville

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Unions Fail to Stop Privatisation Train
By Louis Okamba, IPS, 25 January 1996. Debt allows World Bank and IMF to force Congo&s government to sell off public assets. Unions strike against the end of democratic control of these assets, their sale to government figures, and their control passing to Western capitalist interests.
Lorry Drivers On Strike In Northern Congo
Panafrican News Agency, 31 January 2000. Lorry drivers in northern Congo have gone on an indefinite strike to protest against cumbersome military and police roadblocks and the sporadic inhumane treatment meted out to them by soldiers and policemen.
Congo teachers defy government sanction threats
BBC News Online, Monday 28 May 2001. Teachers in Congo Brazzaville have defied a government ruling making their week-old strike illegal. The country's education authorities threatened severe sanctions against any teachers who refused to start work this week.