The civil war under Joseph Kabila

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Rebels Merge
New Vision (Kampala), 17 January 2001. Three Congolese rebel leaders yesterday signed a pact to merge into a new group, the Congolese Liberation Front (CLF). A founding president of the Congolese Rally for Democracy, Prof. Ernest Wamba dia Wamba, refused to sign it.
We Won in DRC, Says President
By Max Hamata, The Namibian (Windhoek), 22 March 2001. President Sam Nujoma claimed victory in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo yesterday, dismissing critics of Namibia's military involvement as prophet of dooms.
Ugandan Occupation Worsens Congo's Problems
Human Rights Watch, 28 March 2001. Ugandan authorities have fueled political and ethnic strife in eastern Congo with disastrous consequences for the local population. Ugandan authorities meddled in rivalries among factions of the rebel Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD).
Women Call for Truth, Justice Before Reconciliation
By Ruth Nabakwe, Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 3 April 2001. Women from Congo Brazzaville, Angola and the Democratoc Republic of Congo meeting in Paris have denounced what they termed as attempts by the authorities in these countries to sweep the truth and justice under the carpet.
The Congo Story: From Lumumba to Mzee Kabila
By Alfred N. Mutua, Editorial, The Nation (Nairobi), 22 April 2001. The parallels between Lumumba and Kabila are clear to the teary-eyed Congolese. With the death of Laurent Kabila, Uganda and Rwanda have started pulling their troops out of Congo and many see this as evidence that the war was not by rebels fighting Kabila but of super powers who are afraid thatgiven a chance, Congo has the potential of becoming one of the richest and most powerful nations in the world.
Interview: Conflict Exacerbating Deaths From Preventable Causes
By Charles Cobb Jr.,, 4 July 2001. AllAfrica's Charles Cobb Jr. interview with Hilary Bower in Kinshasa. She is a spokesperson for WHO's Emergency and Humanitarian Action Department, who traveled with the Mission.