The IT, media, and telecommunications of the DRC

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DRC Bans 112 News Organisations
Panafrican News Agency, 16 December 2000. Authorities in Kinshasa have banned 112 newspapers and news agencies from publishing for non-compliance with the law governing the press in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 76 of the banned publications were not registered as stipulated by the law.
With the war nearly over, the telecoms boom begins
Balancing Act News Update, issue 144, 9 February 2003. With the slow ending of one of Africa's largest conflicts, large parts of the DRC are beginning to get back to the economy functioning more normally. This change in business climate has opened up a considerable boom in telecoms and as elsewhere in Africa, largely of the mobile variety. Only a tiny percentage of local government officials and the well-off middle classes had access to a telephone.