The economic history of the Gabonese Republic (Gabon)

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IMF Approves EFF Credit for the Republic of Gabon
International Monetary Fund Press Release, 8 November 1995. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a three-year credit under the extended Fund facility (EFF) for the Republic of Gabon. Objectives are to accelerate output and employment growth through a diversification of the economy and the establishment of a more liberal regulatory framework to stimulate the development of the non-oil private sector.
Petroleum Reserves Dwindle
By Antoine Lawson, IPS, 31 August 1999. The eight multi-national oil companies operating in Gabon discovered no new deposits in 1998, although massive exploration was undertaken last year. Gabon, which is heavily dependent on petroleum revenues, is trying to reform its mining codes to attract new investment.
Gabon turns from oil to dream tourism
Sapa-AFP, Monday 31 July 2000. Authorities in Gabon, fearful of an oil-less future in 10 years' time, are planning to turn the small west African country into a foreign tourist's paradise—and solve its currency problems by the same ticket.
British Bankers Hired to Help Privatise Gabon Telecomm
Panafrican News Agency, 11 August 2000. A British banking group, HSB/Credit Commercial de France (HSB/CCF), has been hired to assist in the privatisation of Gabon's telecommunications network.
Construction prochaine d'un centre de pêche à Port-Gentil, 21 October 2000. A fishing center, financed by Japan, will be constructed at Port-Gentile (West), in order to form agents and to develop the export of fish products (in French).
IDB Finances Gabonese Projects
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 5 April 2001. The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is financing a number of projects in Gabon, including the building of a new high school in Franceville (south-east of the country). Promises of the electrification of the Kango-Bifou road, acquisition of buses for the Gabonese Public Transport Company (SOGATRA), and rehabilitation of provincial airports.