The culture history of the Gabonese Republic (Gabon)

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Le sculpteur gabonais Vincent Moukagni-Boukinda expose à Dakar
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 23 March 2001. The Gabon sculptor, Vincent Moukagni-Boukinda, called Skeety, had an exposition from 26 to 31 March at the National Gallery of Art of Senegal, of some pieces made in part from the Stone of Mbigou (southeast of Gabon) (in French).
Music in the Iboga initiation ceremony in Gabon: Polyrhythms supporting a pharmacotherapy (selections)
By Uwe Maas and Süster Strubelt, Music Therapy Today (online), June 2003. The Iboga healing ceremony induces a near-death experience and is performed to cure serious mental or psychosomatic diseases, but people also undergo initiation rites for reasons of spiritual or personal development.