The contemporary political history of the Republic of Chad

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At least 80 people killed in Moundou, others arrested
Amnesty International Urgent Action Bulletin, 4 November 1997. At least 80 people killed in southern Chad, following a clash between security forces and members of the former Forces Armees pour la republique federale (FARF), Armed Forces for the Federal Republic. President Deby has faced armed insurgency in the east, north and south regions since he took power in 1990.
Fear of refoulement
Amnesty International Urgent Action Bullegin, 1 December 1997. Prominent members of the Forces armees pour la Republique federale (FARF), a former armed opposition group, were arrested in Cameroon. Torture and ill-treatment of many unarmed civilians suspected of being members or supporters of the FARF.
Fear of Disappearance and extrajudicial execution
Amnesty International Urgent Action Bullegin, 2 August 1999. Members of a Chadian armed opposition group the, the Alliance Nationale pour la Resistance, FARF, arrested by Sudanese security forces in El Djenenah, Sudan. Some members and supporters of armed oppostion groups are in exile in neighbouring countries and in danger of extradition.
Fear for safety
Amnesty International Urgent Action Bulletin, 29 May 1998. Concern for the safety of Ngarlegy Yorongar le Moiban, a prominent political opponent, who had accused the president of the National Assembly of accepting money from the oil company Elf to finance his election campaign. Elf has a large operation in Chad and will soon begin the construction of a pipeline through Chad and Cameroon.
Chad's Torture Victims Pursue Habre in Court
By Douglas Farah, Washington Post, Monday 27 November 2000. Former political prisoners gathered and hid evidence of mass murder and torture ordered by a U.S.-backed dictator, Habre, waiting for the day they could face their tormentors in court. With help from the U.S. and France to counter Gaddafi, Habre ruled from 1982 until 1990, when he was overthrown by his erstwhile ally, Idriss Deby.