The economic history of the Republic of Chad

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African nations, World Bank back controversial Chad oil project
Reuters, 7 February 2000. The 11-strong Community of Sahelian-Saharan States (CED-SAD) has thrown its weight behind a controversial oil extraction and pipeline project in Chad which environmentalists oppose.
Watchdog Groups Rein In Government in Chad Oil Deal
By Douglas Farah and David B. Ottaway, Washington Post, Thursday 4 January 2001. The pipeline's route, safeguards against environmental damage and how the revenue it generates will be dispensed—were worked out in faraway Washington and European capitals and shaped more by NGOs than by Chad's or the people.
World Bank, IMF Approve $260 Million in Debt Relief
UN Integrated Regional Information Network, 26 May 2001. The World Bank announced on Tuesday that its International Development Association and the International Monetary Fund would give Chad US $260 million in debt service relief from all of its creditors under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (HIPC).