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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 18:20:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Should East Africa form a Common Market
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Should East Africa form a common market?

By Emmanuel K. Twesigye, OWU, 23 February 1995

East African Community made East Africa great both economically and politically. Therefore, the future economic development successes and political stability lie in the success of a viable East African Community.

We should even consider a common East African currency, defense, rail and high way systems. We could also undertake commons services in tourism, trade, research, telecommunications and air-travel.

We can save a lot by removing duplications and waste. The money saved could be used for common services and common or joing ventures in research and development, including medicine, education and rails ways, harbours, airports and the like.

Ultimately, the greatness of Africa lies in unity and the joint mobilization of it great natural and human resources for development and well being of its people. First, we must unite beginning on regional bodies, like the EAC, and abolish borders and tarrifs between EAC and later the rest of Africa as we unite to form a UNITED STATES OF AFRICA!

However, let us begin with a UNITED STATES OF EAST AFRICA!

Emmanuel K. Twesigye, OWU