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Timeline: Seychelles

BBC, Tuesday 20 March 2001, 16:18 GMT

A chronology of key events:

1502 - Portugal's Vasco da Gama explores the Seychelles.

1768 - French planters and their slaves begin settling in the Seychelles.

British rule

1794 - Britain annexes the Seychelles, which are then administered from Mauritius.

1903 - Seychelles become a separate British colony.

1948 - First elections to a legislative council take place.

1964 - First political parties are formed: France Albert Rene's socialist Seychelles People's United Party and James Mancham's pro-business Seychelles Democratic Party.

1966, 1970 - The Seychelles Democratic Party wins legislative elections.


1976 - Seychelles become independent and are governed by a coalition, with James Mancham as president and France Rene as prime minister.

1977 - Rene's supporters stage a coup against Mancham ostensibly without Rene's knowledge; Rene installed as president.

Political changes

1978 - Rene enacts a new constitution, turning the Seychelles into a one-party state.

1981 - An attempt by South African-based mercenaries to restore Mancham to power is defeated with the help of Tanzanian troops.

1982 - Army mutiny thwarted.

1991 - President Rene restores multiparty democracy.

1993, 1998 - Rene re-elected in multiparty ballots.

1998 - Rene's Seychelles Progressive People's Front wins 30 out of 34 seats in parliamentary elections.