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Kenya Gets Committee On Affirmative Action

Panafrican News Agency, 7 September 2000

Nairobi - Kenya has formed a technical committee to bolster an Affirmative Action Bill, aimed at raising the level of participation by the under-privileged or marginalised groups in the society.

Launched Wednesday and chaired by legislator Beth Mugo, the committee comprises women legislators, a representative each from the attorney general's office, home affairs, heritage and sports ministries, women lawyers' group and related organisations.

Announcing the composition Thursday, Mugo, who tabled the motion on the bill in parliament early June, said the drafting committee of 16 members would then present the document to a wider forum for vetting before it is taken to parliament for debate.

The stakeholders, including political parties, the relevant ministries, disabled persons, religious groups and all the women lawmakers, will be presented with the draft as soon as the committee completes its work.

Mugo said the committee has an 11-member working group, including lawmakers and representatives from the relevant ministries, gender and religious groups, and the attorney general's office.

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