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Nude Women Disrupt Primate Research Work

Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 7 February 2001

Nairobi, Kenya - More than 15 scientists, who were conducting studies at a primate sanctuary at Tana River district in Kenya's Coast province, Tuesday had the shock of their lives when some 300 naked women suddenly emerged from the blues and attacked them indiscriminately.

The Kenya News Agency said the irate women attacked everyone on sight at the Mnazini area within the Tana River Primate Reserve, forcing the scholars to flee for their lives.

They destroyed property worth 2,000 US dollars after failing to catch up with the scientists, the agency added.

The World Bank is funding the primate reserve project.

Area Administrator, Joseph Irungu confirmed the incident, explaining that the scientists were conducting a census of the endangered red colobus and mangabay monkeys when they were attacked.

Security men fired warning shots in the air to save the researchers from the wrath of the women, two of whom got injured in the ensuring melee.

Meanwhile, Irungu said a watercraft belonging to the researchers, which went missing during the attack, had also been recovered.

Though the motive of the attack was not immediately established, there are speculations that the women were protesting the failure of the researchers to involve the local population in their activities.

Residents of the district have persistently opposed the establishment of the primate research station and national sanctuary claimed to be their "ancestral land".

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