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Report Illegal Workers, Drivers Told

The Nation (Nairobi), 11 January 2001

Nairobi - Kenyan truck drivers have been advised to forward information about alleged illegal migrant workers to the authorities.

Mr. Samuel Limo, the Coast provincial commissioner, yesterday told those complaining that transport companies were employing foreigners at their expense to volunteer evidence of those they were accusing of working illegally in the country to the Immigration Department.

He said action would be taken against those working in the country illegally if there were evidence.

The PC was reacting to claims by the unregistered Kenya Long Distance Truck Drivers' Union that foreign transport companies based at the Coast were employing foreign drivers and making local drivers jobless.

The union's interim vice-chairman, Mr. Hassan Shora Odha, claimed that the oreign drivers were preferred.because they accepted low pay.

He claimed that when the foreign drivers got employment, they used illegal means to acquire national identification cards and other relevant documents, thus leaving Kenyans jobless.

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