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One in Five HIV Positive

The Nation (Nairobi), 18 October 2000

Nairobi - One in every five people in Nairobi is HIV positive, the PC, Mr. Cyrus Maina, has said.

Mr. Maina said 30 people were dying everyday in the city as a result of the pandemic.

The PC was speaking at Korogocho yesterday after he donated food to HIV victims who are members of Kenya Network of Women With Aids.

The PC caused laughter when he said one could not die if he/she abstained from sex or stayed faithful to one partner.

He said young girls had now become the main target of people with HIV due to their innocent nature.

Mr. Maina said as a result girls as young as 15 years of age were been infected with the disease.

20-30 percent of girls aged 14-24 years are being infected with the disease at a very alarming rate, he said.

The Director KENWA Ms Asunta Wagura said the spread of HIV was very fast at the area due to high levels of poverty.

"You get a woman who is willing to sell her body for as little as 20 shillings to buy a meal for the day," she said.

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