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Don Blames Aids Spread At Varsities On Sex Rush

The Nation (Nairobi), Sunday 3 September 2000

A rush for new sexual relationships is exposing university freshers to HIV/Aids infection, it is reported. The principal of Egerton University's Laikipia campus, Dr Aggrey Sindabi, says the phenomenon, known in campus lingo as "the gold rush", is fuelling the pandemic's spread.

Addressing freshers, Dr Sindabi said the rush had plunged many students into irresponsible sexual relationships, exposing them to venereal infections. As HIV/Aids spreads, such irresponsible conduct could no longer be tolerated.

"You are not gold to be rushed for but intelligent people who have come here to get your degrees. You should not, therefore, be lured into such irresponsible acts either by your fellow students or by the lecturers," he told the freshers.

Dr Sindabi, accompanied by the academic and administrative staff, said universities had not been spared the HIV/Aids ravages, adding that many scholars and students had succumbed to the pandemic.

It was, therefore, the high time university students learned to say no to irresponsible sexual behaviour, given the heavy investment in their education by the society.

The principal urged the students to utilise the counselling services on the campus for further guidance in sexual relations.

Dr Sindabi said the campus had established computer training programmes and a parallel degree course in education for self-sponsored students.

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