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Message-ID: <9604221710.AA22935@ info.usaid.gov>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 13:25:40 -5
Sender: "African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List" <AFRIK-IT@IRLEARN.UCD.IE>
From: Jeff Cochrane <jeffc@INFO.USAID.GOV>
Organization: USAID/M/IRM/CIS
Subject: Madagascar
To: Multiple recipients of list AFRIK-IT <AFRIK-IT@IRLEARN.UCD.IE>

Data Telecom Service "Internet" access in Antananarivo

From Jeff Cochrane, USAID, 22 April 1996

Greetings Afrik-ITers!

I received a news report today that a company called Data Telecom Service is now offering "Internet" access in Antananarivo. I assume this means SLIP/PPP access to a local server. Costs are as follows:

30,000 FMG setup
30,000 FMG monthly
2 telephone units per minute connect time

The latest exchange rate I have on the Madagascar is 3718 to the US dollar, which would make those prices look rather inexpensive.

Does anyone know what a telephone unit costs in Madagascar?


Jeff @ Washington, DC USA

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