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Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 20:11:51 -0500
Sender: "African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List" <AFRIK-IT@IRLEARN.UCD.IE>
From: Hajanirina Razafitrimo <RHAJ@SPANKY.PAS.ROCHESTER.EDU>
Subject: Madagascar: electronic conference
To: Multiple recipients of list AFRIK-IT <AFRIK-IT@IRLEARN.UCD.IE>

Electronic conference

From Hajanirina Razafitrimo, 9 May 1996

To all Friends of Madagascar and the Malagasies:

The Burzano Consulting in partnership with the Malagasy Networking Group is organizing an electronic conference on Madagascar from April 24, 1996 to June 24, 1996. The objective of the conference is to analyze the mode of operation of the Malagasy administration, to discuss how it affected and affects the socio-economic development, and to obtain (experts) views on how to improve the system for poverty alleviation and sustainable economic development. We are happy to invite you to check at the following URL page for participating to the conference:


If you are not able to have access to the page, please write directly to MNG-E.CONF@magmacom.com

For information request, kindly use also the above address.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The coordinators

Jean Razafindambo
Haja Razafitrimo
Thierry Rakotobe-Joel

Nota: Please forward when appropriate
Please respond directly to the address above.

PS. I followed the group for a couple of weeks now. I hope this message is pertinent. Please excuse if not.