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Mauritius Gets New Government

Panafrican News Agency, 16 September 2000

Port-Louis, Mauritius - The leaders of the Opposition MSM/MMM Alliance, winner of Monday's legislative elections in Mauritius have released the names of new ministers who will be sworn in on Sunday.

They are:

Paul Berenger, Deputy Prime minister and minister of finances;

Jayen Cuttaree, minister of trade, industry and international commerce;

Pravind Jugnauth, minister of agriculture;

Samioulah Lauthan, minister of social security and reforms institutions;

Joe Lesjongard, minister of local government, and rural and urban development;

Alan Ganoo, minister of public utilities;

Nando Bodha, minister of tourism;

Rajesh Bhagwan, minister of environment;

Anil Bachoo, minister of public infrastructure and internal transport;

Ahmad Jeewah, minister of civil service and administrative reforms;

Showkatally Soodhun, minister of labour and industrial relations;

Arianne Navarre-Marie, minister of women's rights and family welfare;

Anil Gayan, minister of foreign affairs;

Steve Obeegadoo, minister of education;

Ashok Jugnauth, minister of health;

Motee Ramdass, minister of arts and culture;

Sylvio Michel, minister of fisheries;

Sushil Kushiram, minister of financial services and corporate affairs;

Prem Koonjoo, minister of Co-operatives;

Mukeshwar Choonee, minister of housing and lands;

Pradeep Jeeha, minister of telecommunications;

Emmanuel Leung Shing, Attorney-general, minister of justice and human rights;

Sangeet Fowdar, minister of training, skills development and productivity;

Ravi Yerrigadoo, minister of youth and sports.

Auroomooga Prithviraj Putten, deputy speaker at the national assembly

Ajay Gunesh, government chief whip.