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Mauritius Promulgates Law Against Sexual Harassment

Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 21 March 2001

Port Louis, Mauritius - Mauritian Women's affairs, child development and family welfare minister, Arianne Navarrre-Marie Tuesday announced a legislation to curb sexual harassment against females in the island-nation.

"Men who harass women sexually have no reason to stop until we denounce them," Navarre-Marie told a forum at the University of Mauritius, 12km south of Port Louis.

The forum was organised by the Mauritius council of social service in a bid to break the silence on the subject that affects the basic human rights of the individuals.

She told victims to denounce such acts, adding that officials at the Women's affairs ministry give due attention to every case.

The minister said that the task force on sex discrimination has suggested that a sexual harassment bill be quickly introduced as legal protection of women and girls against sexual harassment.

Navarre-Marie said the legislation should be crowned with public sensitisation campaign.

She appealed to employers and school administrators to advocate anti-sexual harassment practices in their establishments.