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Date: 26 Dec 1994 15:01:24 U
From: "Uwiringiyimana Leonard" <>
Subject: East Africa's Hitler

East Africa's Hitler

By Uwiringiyimana Leonard, Uganda Democratic Coalition Newsletter, Vol. 4, no. 4, December, 1994

No African dictator has inflicted as much suffering, destruction and death as Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. His wickedness has won him admiration and support of notorious racists in western nations. They applaud when he utters statements as "Africans are too backward for democracy.." In an interview with William Buckley published in the Atlantic Monthly of September, 1994, Museveni said that "I have never blamed the whites for colonizing Africa; I have never blamed these whites for taking slaves. If you are stupid, you should be taken a slave".

The number of people killed in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi at Museveni's command and instigation exceeds one and half million. He has conducted unprovoked military skirmishes in Sudan, Zaire and Kenya while the world stays silent. Museveni is indeed the greatest threat to peace and stability in East Africa. Despite western leaders' attempts to cover up and fabricate cosmetic reports, the African people are not deceived about how evil Museveni is.

The OAU, whose charter states that "no member country shall be permitted to wage armed aggression against another member state" did nothing to prevent Museveni from invading Rwanda in 1990. The United Nations, to which the United States and Britain are members, also condemns armed aggression among member states and has the power to stop such a conflict. Instead, all the UN did for Rwanda was to condone Museveni's aggression by looking the other way and placing a few UN soldiers at the Uganda-Rwanda border waving to RPF as they ferried arms and rebels across. An arms embargo was imposed on the Kigali regime in order to incapacitate its self-defense capability against invaders. In the meantime, RPF rebels received tons of weapons from western democracies via Uganda to kill and force millions of innocent Africans into refugee camps where they are being consumed by disease, hunger, thirst and filth.

Western leaders who backed Museveni's destruction of Rwanda have shed crocodile tears calling the results of their handwork "the worst human tragedy". Subsequent deceitful rhetoric by some leaders convinced none since they show no change of policy from supporting Nazi-like aggressors to becoming impartial mediators. No government or person can be part of the problem, at the same time be part of the solution. It is not by accident that refugees in Zaire wrote "Bill Clinton" on dead bodies of their comrades. That was rooted in their disappointing realization that America supports Museveni's aggression and thus has Rwandese blood on her hands. It is no wonder that U.S humanitarian assistance to Rwandese refugees was received with cynicism and rejection.

The Rwanda tragedy was made by Museveni with its external conspirators who continue to underwrite his schemes, train his killers and conduct a worldwide disinformation campaign. Informed sources warn that a similar disaster is most likely to happen in Burundi, Uganda and Zaire. Burundi has already started.

It was confirmed earlier this year that, about 40 ESO terrorists were dispatched from Kampala to Bujumbura to assist the Burundi army in planning selective killing of Hutu political leaders. As a result, Burundi's Tutsi-dominated army is conducting such murders of Hutu leaders throughout the country and Museveni's fingerprints are visible all over Bujumbura.

UDC Newsletter obtained a copy of minutes of a Nov. 1, 94 meeting in Addis Ababa, between the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (U.N.E.C.A) and Burundi's Foreign Minister, Mr. Ngendahayo. At the meeting the Burundi Tutsi minister revealed that "any reform of the Burundi army must come from the army itself." He further revealed Museveni's involvement in Burundi's instability and said that "the idea had been discussed with President Museveni who advised the Burundi Government to let the army bring about reforms. President Museveni proposed to bring in senior army officers from Uganda to organize workshops with high authorities of the Burundi army." The Burundi army is 99.9% Tutsi-dominated where Tutsis are a mere 14% of the population. It was that army which murdered Burundi's democratically elected President Ndadaye and thus destroyed the country's fragile democracy. The killers fled to Uganda and are protected by Museveni. The same army is conducting a pogrom against Hutus in order to subdue the majority group. Since the army is the pivotal source of Burundi's turmoil, how can it generate reliable reforms on its own?

Likewise, Hitler started with invading one country after another while some world leaders were appeasing him by signing peace treaties -- only to be attacked later by the Nazis.

Western leaders who declared a commitment to promoting multi-party democracy in Africa are the same supporters of self-imposed dictators such as Museveni. The World Bank, IMF and western leaders once pressured Presidents Moi, Banda, Kaunda and others into implementing multi-party democracy by threatening them with foreign aid suspension. Why isn't the same pressure placed upon Museveni? Is this a case of hypocrisy or double standards?

It is inconceivable that Ugandans will sit idle and watch their country go into smoke at the amusement of alien gladiators. Uganda belongs to Ugandans. As of now, that country is dominated by aliens who came as refugees. Ugandans are aware that Tutsi are not going away but consolidating their dynasty in the region. A criminal (Paul Kagame) who killed Dr. Kayiira, tortured and killed hundreds of innocent Ugandans at Basiima House while serving as Museveni's Director of Military Intelligence, is now Rwanda's Vice President. Kagame is among many Tutsis who bankrupted Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) to which he owes 24.49 million shillings (The Monitor newspaper, Oct. 26, 94). UCB controls around 80% of banking services. A former Ugandan diplomat in Brussels, Gedeon Kayinamura, will soon be RPF's Ambassador to Britain. The same Nazi-like group is controlling powerful positions in Kampala. Is Ugandans citizenship to be treated like a roll of toilet papers? Ugandans are treated as second or third class citizens in their own country. They are constantly expelled from civil and military services only to be replaced by Tutsis. The economic infrastructure is dominated, as a matter of policy, by Tutsis, British Asians and their sycophants. Prisons and military camps are full of native sons and daughters, detained on fictitious charges of "treason" for demanding basic human freedom and justice.

Uganda which enjoyed peaceful coexistence with her neighbors is turned into a training camp and a staging ground for regional terrorists. Peasants are terrified by the huge amount of U.S. and Belgium weapons being ferried into Uganda for regional distribution to their stooges to kill Africans.

Uganda's socio-economic structure disintegrated. Over 70% of the children are not in school. If this trend continues for the next ten years or so, there will be very few educated Ugandan Youth. The objective is simply: destroy the youth, and you have destroyed the future of a people. Coincidentally, the IMF/World Bank Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) which Museveni gulped recommends for cuts in government spending of social programs (i.e education & health) in order to "develop". Imagine that.

Ugandans are beleaguered with heavy taxes which finance Tutsi imperial wars. There is no medicine in hospitals, but the supply of bullets to shoot peaceful Ugandans who demand basic rights and multi-party democracy at City Square is never in short supply. Transportation for ESO agents to Nairobi or Sweden to kill Ugandan exiles is always available. Yet transportation for a prisoner from Luzira to the High Court in Kampala is always difficult.

Some of the main causes of Uganda's economic collapse are:

(1) A $ 5.3 billion foreign debt, according to the Governor of Uganda Central Bank , which is strangulating the national economy is a major contributor to the state of extreme poverty in Uganda;

(2) The diversion of Uganda's resources into financing Tutsi imperial wars is a major drain on the economy; and

(3) NRM's sponsored corruption whereby a handful of rulers and their stooges control nearly 90% of national wealth.

No one will do for Ugandans more than what they are willing to do for themselves. Many brave Ugandans have tried various formulas with varied success. Others sought to sit on the fence thinking that such neutral and non-committal positions will ensure them the best of both worlds. Some Rwandese Hutus held similar views, but ended up loosing their country and their lives.

When America was fighting against British colonialism, Patrick Henry declared in 1775: "give me liberty or give me death". America's Revolution with its assertion of the self-evident rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, marked the beginning of a continuing influence on the struggle for civic and human rights. There are principles of justice and morality which NO government has a right to disregard in the application of its domestic or foreign policies. The self-evident rights to life, liberty and self-determination of Ugandans are being trampled upon by Museveni, and the citizens will soon realize how cheated they are and fight for their rights.

It may not be long before Ugandans combine their forces to save and reclaim their country for themselves, their children and future generations. Uganda shall be free if Ugandans free themselves from apathy, fear, jealousy and opportunism.