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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 00:26:24 -0700
From: Mayindi Mokwala <congounity@earthlink.net>
To: [various]

Museveni, The African Dictator

By Mayindi Mokwala, Congo Unity (USA), 24 April 1999

Yoweri Museveni, the dictator of Uganda, through his military adventures in the Great Lakes region of Africa, has caused more deaths, misery and desolation than anyone in recent African History.

Since he started his campaign to establish the Tutsi ethnic domination in the Great Lakes region in 1983, Museveni's wars in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and now in the Congo have so far killed over 6 million people, according to a report published in the New Federalist.

Museveni is undoubtedly the henchman of British, US, and White South African mining cartels whose primary goal is to gain absolute control of african mineral resources, particularly the mines of the Congo.

According to Professor Susan Bretton, expert at the International Institute for Geo-political Studies, to achieve this goal, Museveni and the mining cartel have decided on the following plan of action:

1. Maintain a constant state of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo to facilitate the plundering of mineral resources

2. Depopulate the area containing substantial mineral reserves through continuous warfare. In this case, the now occupied Eastern Congo is the main target.

3. Destroy Congo's infrastructure to induce forced migration and to reduce the remaining population to a condition of dependency on humanitarian assistance.

4. Create and maintain a climate of animosity and intra-ethnic fighting deleterious to any social and economic development.

While Museveni and his lieutenants, Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Pierre Buyoya of Burundi, are busy decimating millions of Africans, the mining cartels, supported by the US and British governments, not only are pumping billions of dollars into Museveni's pockets, but are intensively engaged in media propaganda to portray these ethnic dictators as the visionary leaders of the so-called african renaissance.

The reality is that Museveni, Kagame and Buyoya, through their ethnic wars, have turned the Great Lakes region upside down. They are quietly conducting a UN legalized genocide and have plunged this entire region into a state of degeneration and backwardness never witnessed in modern african History. The current destruction of millions of lives and billions of dollars in infrastructure is surpassing the destruction caused by the Slave Trade. Museveni, Kagame, and Buyoya must be stopped before it's too late!

Mayindi Mokwala
Congo Unity/usa